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Marie: 21; Naruto

[14] Naruto icons (a lot of variations)

Teasers: 2. 8. 9.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15

- Art from #8 taken from here
- Bases for #9 to 14 by lulubai

Tags: animanga: naruto, artists: marie, type: icons
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Ohhh, those are so pretty~ Took a few.
Enjoy :D
Love these! Taking a bunch. :]
Pretty! Snagging #1 & #14; will credit when used. ^^
That's cheesy.
what are the originals for 1 and 3?
Yummy~ I'll be taking the first one.

And lulz to number 12. XD
Very nice. Saving some, thanks.
Awww MAN! I adore these! I took some of the first ones. Where's 1-7 from? The art is great!
i love your icon so much xD had to say it.
Taking #2, lovely work.
goooodness, these are GORGEOUS!! i was so hoping someone would make pretty icons from that sketchy-drawing. and i love you even more for making those narusasu ones♥

taking... a lot... will credit with use!
yo what sketchy drawing is this? can you link me to it?
Pretteh. Snagged 2 and 3. <33
really pretty♥ love #1 and #5
So pretty! Taking a few from here and a bunch of your other posts, will credit when used. :)

Also, I was wondering if I could use that NaruSaku icon you have in your userpics, the fanart one with the ramen? (Crediting you, of course.)