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Icon Alchemy

icons by serein, starfreckled and innerve

icons by serein, starfreckled and innerve.
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Welcome to Raissa's (serein), Marie's (libraire), and Reichi's (innerve) Icon Journal! We will post icons of our main fandoms, which change very often, although Naruto seems to be popular between us. We're not iconing maniacs, meaning that it may happen that no new posts are made for a while.

There are a few rules we ask you to follow - don't panic, they're quite simple.

  • DON'T HOTLINK! Hotlinking will only want to make us stop making icons and smiting whoever is stealing bandwidth. Here's a definition of the term "hotlinking".

  • Don't modify our icons, unless we state you are allowed to do so.

  • Credit. This isn't actually 100% required or necessary. We would just appreciate it if you credit us, at it helps our get getting known(for example: someone sees you using one of our icons, and checks the keywords, and is taken directly here where they can find more of our stuff- this is how I came to know 90% of the iconmakers I know). However, claim anything we've made as your own, and you're gone. :D

  • Comment! This isn't an obligation, but we would be very happy to know that you like our icons. :D

There. Not too hard, is it?

Gradients, brushes, bases, etc by crumblingwalls, dearest, teh_indy, marx, _joni, chouchoune, calixa, inxsomniax, 77words, my_wonderful, colorfilter, saihara, pocket_icons, dekolette, hanako_lovely, crystalkirk, ohpaintbrush, unioncity, pessimistchick, colortone, oxoniensis, meleada, ewanism, my_givenchy, myrasis, peoplemachines, unmasked_icons, cap_it, ___robotpirate, candiies, ownthesunshine, Millennial Fair, thebadarchives.com, Central City, Kwaf, QAFScans.com, Queer Eyes and Xepher.

Original layout codes by wooed.

zebra_patronus, __overthemoon, starsdefy, pinballparty, keloid_graphics, kyoukatabira, clampesque & roboticgraphics, pookage, lithographics, shuraba_icons.

If you'd like to become an affiliate, just leave a comment in this post and we'll see! :D